Luxury flats close to Prague center

AP06 AP05 AP04 AP03 AP02 AP01 AT01
Apartment no. AP-06
6+kk | flat: 198 m2 | terrace: 10 m2 | parking: 2
Apartment no. AP-05
4+1 | flat: 151 m2 | terrace: 8 m2 | parking: 1
Apartment no. AP-04
4+1 | flat: 150 m2 | terrace: 9 m2 | parking: 1
Apartment no. AP-03
2+kk | flat: 61 m2 | terrace: 15 m2
Apartment no. AP-02
3+kk | flat: 87 m2 | terrace: 8 m2
Apartment no. AP-01
2+kk | flat: 71 m2
Atelier no. AT-01
Atelier | flat: 79 m2 | terrace: 44 m2

The residential building Keplerova 10 is a unique, reconstructed town-house in the very heart of Prague. The apartments and the whole building were sensitively renovated using modern, high-quality materials. A strong emphasis was put on keeping the time proven architectural elements and methods. Wooden windows are replicas of the original double glass windows which – besides their outstanding appearance – provide superior heat and sound insulation. So there is no undue loss of heat and the windows prevent street noise enabling the inhabitants to enjoy their time in peace and comfort. The historical entrance door of the house is also a replica, leading to a modern lobby and a staircase with renovated hand-wrought banisters.

The residential building Keplerova 10 comprises seven apartments with high-standard equipment - from 2 + kk to 6+kk. The largest apartment is a loft apartment situated on the 4th and 5th floors with a total area of 214 m2, a terrace and two parking spaces. The basement studio has a garden of 27 m2. There are four parking spaces in the garage: two for the loft apartment and one for each of the apartments on the 3rd and 4th floors.

The best thing about the apartments is the unique connection of classic architectural methods and modern design. The use of high-quality building materials and fittings is natural. The apartments have oak floors with oil surface treatment. The design of the bathrooms makes them a perfect place to relax, using a harmonious combination of matching colour shades and providing floor heating. The electronic security system in the whole building also goes without say.

The surroundings of the residential building Keplerova 10 speak for themselves. Besides Prague Castle itself, plenty of cultural, historic and natural sites are in the vicinity. The location of the building is in the very centre of Prague but still offers many places to relax and enjoy peace and the unique atmosphere of old Prague. You can take a walk to Prague Castle and Hradčany Square, to Strahov monastery, Petřín Hill, or to Jelení příkop (Stag Moat).


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