Genius loci

Keplerova Street runs west of Prague Castle, in the area of the former palace gardens and the castle fortifications. It provided natural protection for Nový svět, once a slum comprising tiny houses hidden behind the Castle, and the beautiful park of magnificent Černín Palace. Right next to the square there is the once wealthy Strahov Monastery with its unique historical library and the adjacent Petřín park, where you can take delight in the well maintained gardens or find solitude in a remote corner of greenery. The rich history of the Bohemian kingdom and the Czech state is present here, in this part of Prague, in every detail and you can even feel in the air the old legends of Drahomíra’s column, the shoes made of bread crust or the ghosts of Pohořelice. You are also reminded of them every hour by the tender carillon music from the Loreta church. The atmosphere of this part of the world is simply irresistible.